Toco Toucan Nutrient Specific Requirements

My Specific Dietary Requirements/ Restrictions:

toucan eating egg-

Toucan Eating an Egg-

Toco Toucans often suffer from iron storage disease (Haemochromatosis) when they are in captivity. Haemochromatosis occurs when the body begins storing iron in entire major organs (such as the liver) which can lead to significant damage leading to death.26

The Ramphastidae family are especially prone to this because birds that primarily eat fruit insects or are omnivorous birds tend to accumulate more iron in their liver. To help prevent this, supplement with non-citrus fruits.26

Another problem that Toco Toucans develop in captivity are beak fractures which is caused by a lack of carotenes in the  diet, thus diets must contain both yellow and red carotenoid pigments. Since Toco Toucans usually gain their protein from nest-stealing or consuming insects, it’s important that Toco Toucans continue eating these or a protein supplement. Without this,  protein deficiency would occur. 26

In the wild, Toco Toucans are important for seed dispersal of fruiting trees. They receive their fluids from the heavy amount of fruits that they consume. During breeding season, they need an increased amount of proteins, so they would consume more insects. Toco Toucans are considered “least concern” species, as they live in a variety of different habitats and are not as effected by human-related activities.



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